SparkPeople Profile Excuses

I am probably just as guilty as the next person but it sort of gets under my skin on some of the excuses that some people are using. We are talking about weight loss, healthy lifestyle and living better here on this website. Not make excuses on why we are not falling into any of these categories.

Some of the examples used are: not enough time, not enough money, don't have a gym membership, can't buy healthy food and etc. I know from personal experience that none of these are good excuses. My recent demise in life has changed my whole outlook in my lifestyle as well as some of the new choices that I make in life.

Being unemployed now, i now find that I DO HAVE the time to workout. As for not having the money for healthy foods, that is bull. Knowing I have less to spend, I buy healthy and eat less, which in turn helps me to lose my weight and maintain my heart. I know from research that most name brand gyms cost an arm and a leg, however in Dallas there are several gyms like- Just Fitness 4U, that offer $10 a month memberships. The only draw back is no swimming pool. Also in the suburb I live in, the Parks & Recreation Department has several community center fitness room available for $25 a year. You can't beat that.

Just know that for every excuse, there is a logical solution. NEVER SAY NEVER! Wherever there is a will, there is a way. Join me as we live a healthy lifestyle and stop making excuses.