VegNation Race Car - Petition


We want to show Americas 75 million race fans that adopting a more plant-centric diet is a win for everyone - the animals, the planet and ourselves - via the VegNation race car and meat-free food giveaway.


  1. Human Health - show that healthy, strong individuals and athletes eat plant based diets - even race car drivers!
  2. Animal Cruelty and Pollution - show that factory farming is not only cruel to animals, but is also polluting our planet
  3. Vegan Food is Tasty - show that eating a plant based diet does not mean you are eating salad for the rest of your life, give race fans tasty vegan food to eat and taste for themselves!


Most people associate their carbon footprint with their car, although the United Nations found that 40% more greenhouse gas emissions come from animal agriculture than from all the world's planes, trains, ships, cars and trucks combined. By adopting a more plant-centered diet, we can each help curb climate change while also doing something good for our health, for animals and for our taste buds.


We need to raise $100,000 to get the race car and team on track. There are 10 televised races in the ARCA series between February and October for us to choose from. The races air live on SPEED, which is available in 80 million homes in North America. It will cost an additional $100,000 to have a trackside display with a vegan chef giving away food to the race fans so our total fundraising goal is $200,000. Note: If our fundraising goals fall short, we will consider having a VegNation race car without the trackside display and vegan food give away.


We are offering donors who give $20,000 or more a sticker space on the car, behind the drivers window (a prime space). Example of sticker location and size can be seen in this photo of Leilani's "The Cove" race car at Daytona with sticker for Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS), Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project, and pair Networks. Four VIP garage passes for the race will also be included for "Plant-inum" Donors.