10 Sources of Protein for Vegetarians/Non-Meat Eaters

Here is copy of an article I read recently on non-meat proteins.

It can be a bit of a dilemma, especially for vegetarians, who want to eat a reasonable amount of protein. But don’t know which foods they can eat, this post will hopefully solve that for our non-meat eating friends among us.

The Daily Mail reported the other day a fantastic list of high protein foods , which is so good. I thought it would be a good idea to share it with everybody.

List of high protein foods for non-meat eaters

1. Quinoa, which they say that you can get from most supermarkets, I checked the one that we normally use. And they do actually sell it. The good thing about this is. It has lots of fibre and is high in protein, according to what they say it has over 13 percent, which is a good amount. It does look a bit like rice, and you cook it more or less the same.

2. Avocado, this is one particular fruit. I haven’t tried yet but at some time or another, I intend to. As well as containing protein avocados pack something of a triple whammy. They have high amounts of fibre as well as essential fatty acids, which are good at loweringLDL cholesterol.

Even though they aren’t that high in protein there still worth looking at I think all the above the following reasons.

3. Garden peas, these are considered to be a lower protein so, in order to gain the benefit from eating these you need to combine them with something else. They suggest using chickpeas, a small amount of grated cheese or brown rice.

4. Chickpeas, this is something that some flours are made of one that springs to mind is gram flour. You can use this to make onion bhajis, which I absolutely adore. These are high in protein and fibre.

So pack a double punch, according to what they say they are 23 percent protein so, in order to get more benefit from eating these. Try them with other beans, or as suggested above, brown rice.

5. Miso soup, I have never even heard of this before. Apparently, it’s made from Soya beans, and has certain ingredients in it, which can help to lower your cholesterol levels, which is another added benefit.
They say it has ingredients in it similar to those in yoghurt. So if you have digestive problems, it may help those as well.

6. Peanut butter, I have to put my hand up here and say I haven’t tried this until just recently, and I absolutely love the taste of it. This is something that I have recently been adding to our shopping basket.

The only real downside about this, according to what they say is it’s not a complete protein, but there is no reason why you can’t have it in a sandwich to make the shortfall.

7. Coconut milk and fresh, this they say is a complete protein I had some coconut milk, the other week, and it tastes delicious. It makes a really good base for cooking something from scratch. The only downside of it is being high in saturated fat. So best be used in moderation.

8. Brown rice, I have had brown rice in the past, but never got particularly ambitious with it. So more experimentation would be needed according to what they say its complete. So combine with other foods, in order to make the shortfall up. Another good thing is, its high in fibre.

9. Beetroot, this is something I used to eat quite a lot of but stopped eating it, for some reason. However, having said that I actually love beetroot. It’s great with salads, and in sandwiches.

They say it’s a complete protein and good for your liver, which is an added bonus. Beetroot, therefore, would be good for adding with lesser complete protein foods.

10. Oats, they don’t say which particular type of oats but say that they are high in fibre and have cholesterol lowering properties. And high levels of antioxidants. Another added bonus.

Are there any particular foods that you can think of that are high in protein? That would be suitable for vegetarians, they would be interesting to get feedback from other people who eat none meat sources of protein.

Just in case your wondering its not a April fools joke, happy April fools day.

Source and references: http://www.dailymail.co.uk