Children never cease to AMAZE me

This is just a short line or two on something that happened to last night.

While I was out cultivating new compost in my gardens last night, my 6 year old daughter was outside with me playing. She was doing one of her favorite thing - which is blowing bubbles and using a bubble blower. When she ran out of "bubble soap", she disappeared. Of course being a dad, I was frantically looking for her since she wasn't in the yard. When she appeared back, I asked her where she went, she said she ran back up to the house to put her bottles in the Recycle Bin so they wouldn't end up in the trash.

Next, when I noticed she was out of "bubble soap", i told her I would buy some more tomorrow. She answered by say - no daddy, we need to learn to make out own so we can save the planet. I was speechless.

Children are our future and it is up to us to teach them all about our environment. I do believe, mine is on the right track. I am 1 Happy Dad. (Read More)