Kirk's Castile Soap - Product Review

I have tried almost everything to squeeze every penny I have to live green and this is an excellent find. Kirk's Castile Soap is a versatile and inexpensive bar of soap. I bought mine for less than $2 at Whole Foods Market. I do know that you can use it for many things but my main reason was to find an all natural soap for the shower. Natural - no animal by-products, never tested on animals ( which even PETA would applaud), hypoallergenic, biodegradable and no synthetic detergents.

It last alot longer than I expected for a bar of soap. I used just one bar in the shower for almost 6 weeks. Keeping in mind that you just take the recommended 5 minute shower to conserve water. And by using a water efficient shower head.

The soap has a tremendous ability to lather and produce soapy suds on contact which makes it luxurious to the touch. The smell is your basic soap smell with very little if no fragrance. The scrubbing power is comparable if not exceeding of your leading commercial soap.